Using kitchen manufacturers for your kitchen renovations

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Home improvements and renovations are always exciting. Homeowners always put a lot of positive effort in planning, designing and visualizing their ultimate piece of artwork and project way before the first bit of alterations have even started. When homeowners are deciding to re-jig their current home all options and updates are considered to benefit themselves, Read More

The kitchen work triangle

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The kitchen work triangle is concept usually integrated into most kitchen designs It is a visual indication of the kitchen design plans which connects the three most important points in every kitchen. These being the sink, refrigerator, and cook-top. The concept which apparently has originated back in the 1920’s brings about the most efficient path Read More

Kitchen layout – the island kitchen

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The island layout kitchen is as describes a layout which has a full 360 deg access all round and non attached to any of the walls in the kitchen. The island cabinets can be positioned in many ways and a many shapes and be integrated with all the types of kitchen layouts available from straight Read More

Kitchen layout – the U shape kitchen

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The U-Shape Kitchen Layout As the name suggests this kitchen layout is shaped as a ‘U’ Adding a further return leg to the L-Shape Kitchen, the u-shape kitchen adds more cabinet space to the layout. The u-shape kitchen layout is also a very popular layout type for many kitchens and has seen to be used Read More

Kitchen layout – the L shape kitchen

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The L-Shape Kitchen Layout The L-Kitchen layout will have to be one of the most common kitchen layouts. Shaped like an L hence its name, its positioning covers 2 walls at right angle this type of kitchen gives the user access to all areas of the kitchen locations easier. Most commonly the kitchen table is positioned nearby Read More