How kitchen cabinet drawers benefit your kitchen design and usability

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Last updated on May 5th, 2018 at 09:23 am

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Kitchen drawers are the #1 requirement for the kitchen design and planning stage  People are requesting to add kitchen cabinet drawers at nearly every possible space within the kitchen footprint.

If there is a space fill it with drawers” is the common request from clients and customers designing their new kitchen.

This concept has passed on from people who have already been through the kitchen project and renovation stage to get their dream kitchen. As well as for those who did not carefully think of, now pass on their recommendation to consider carefully for those who are in the kitchen plan stages.

There are clear benefits that kitchen cabinet drawers offer the kitchen design.

In addition, considering these benefits early on in the kitchen design and planning stages of your dream kitchen renovation will ensure that you do not miss them.

The foremost clear benefits of kitchen drawers in the kitchen are:

  • More Space – By having drawers instead of just kitchen cabinets, the space utilized is much more. In the kitchen cabinet (especially base cabinet), the space available is usually the bottom of the cabinet itself and the adjustable shelf if provided. However, when the kitchen cabinet is designed with drawers then you will provide more space to fill up with items, as it can usually fit 4 drawers within the base cabinet height this will provide 4 times the. Of course, on some designs, we can also see 3 and even 2 drawers designed in the kitchen. Now for 2 drawers, you will ask what is the benefit, as this will provide the same space as the normal base kitchen cabinet? See next benefit.


  • Easy Access – The kitchen drawers do not only provide more space but they provide easy and full access. As the drawer runners (also known as slides) are fully extendable and can open and provide full access to all items stored within, even all the way at the back. Considering this advantage over the standard kitchen cabinet where you will need to lean down and reach far back into to reach items stored there.


  • More Organized – The drawers in your kitchen design allows for better-organized storage solutions. Having items such as utensils, spices, dishes, glasses etc. easily accessed without removing half of the content of your cabinets just to get to the item you need is by far a much ergonomic solution.


  • Looks – This may be personal taste, but I think a kitchen design, which includes as many drawers as possible looks sharper and more elegant than just standard cabinet doors throughout.


However, if you like the door look throughout your kitchen design, no problem, you can still have the kitchen drawers yet still maintain the cabinet door look. How is this you ask? In another article, I will provide information on the concept of using kitchen cabinet inner drawer systems for your kitchen design.