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When it comes to kitchen design ideas, many will have a natural talent to come up with a master plan while others will be blank and struggle to tackle the concept.

The kitchen design concept need not be rocket science. Everyone that is looking to renovate their kitchen should attempt to design at least a concept that suits their needs and requirements.

Of course, you can try to avoid the whole thing altogether and leave to the professionals like kitchen manufacturers or even kitchen designers to come up with this beautiful kitchen design for you. However, have you really avoided it?

The below questions still come up during that initial consultation with the kitchen designer and manufacturer as they still need your input on what exactly you are after.

In this article, we will explain certain tips and ideas to simplify designing your kitchen.  So on visiting a kitchen manufacturer or designer for pricing and manufacturing, you are equipped with the information that helps make the whole process much simpler.

Researching the following main questions and opening your knowledge to all available choices you have, will make you well informed and can make positive decisions that will affect your kitchen practicality, look and usage.

How much room size do you have to work with?

Looking at the space you have to work with is the most important fact of the design process. You can ask to have the kitchen with two fridges, two ovens and microwave provisions, oh let us not forget also, a built-in coffee maker etc. However, if you do not have the physical room to fit all these in your design then a problem arises from the start.

Tip – Ensure to sketch your details on a piece of graph paper and try scaling to ensure all sizes fit within the area available.

So first, you will need to measure the estimated sizes of the overall room and then each wall your kitchen will sit against to be marked. If you are re-renovating the whole room or house and making the room to suit your design this of course is a bonus so simply sketch it in the way you want it to be.

You may require an island section fitted also, so ensure the room is available.

What type of kitchen design layout are you considering?

This question will introduce itself when the above point has been sketched out.

There are kitchen layouts that might work for the area you are planning.  Quite conveniently, with obvious names which are self-explanatory.  A few of the common design layouts are:

What is the kitchen work triangle and how will it work for me?

The kitchen work triangle is a simple concept that considers the locations of your most used appliances and fitting of the kitchen to allow an easier workflow in the kitchen.

By drawing on the sketch you have started above, pencil in the location you want your oven, sink and refrigerator to be you can start forming a visual workflow how these appliances and fittings work and connect together when you will be working in your kitchen.

In theory, by connecting each point, it should form a triangle. This is your work triangle!

There are layout designs like the straight kitchen layout that obviously will not have a triangle at all, so this being said the work triangle may not work on every design but does make you think the whole process to check the workflow in your kitchen is effective, efficient and suits your cooking style.

Sometimes these points (sink location and plumbing, power points for appliances etc.) are predetermined as they have an existing kitchen that they want to replace.

Some points may be able to be relocated but some may not. This will need to be confirmed by appropriate trades (electricians and plumbers) to distinguish if relocation is an option.

What material finish are you after for your kitchen?

The kitchen cabinet material is an added important factor when designing your kitchen. There are many types of materials to choose from when it comes to deciding the finish you’re after for your kitchen.

The common types of materials used for the kitchen door and panel finish are:

  • Melamine / Laminate
  • 2 pack painted (polyurethane)
  • Veneer

The most important features when choosing your materials is the durability, longevity, how easy it can be cleaned/maintained and most importantly suit your needs and design.

What kitchen design style or look are you thinking?

The kitchen design style is very important, this information forms the overall look of the kitchen.

Check the style selected suits the style of the home in which the kitchen design is applied. People will usually look at the style of the home and furnishing and even the era of the home to try to keep the design seamless throughout. What I mean here is that you would try not to select a modern/contemporary style kitchen for an old period type 1920’s home.

However, there are no rules here that you have to follow. It will always be the decision of your tastes that will ultimately select the style you are after.

Many have renovated old period homes, keeping its outside façade to originality but entirely transformed to a contemporary design indoors.

By researching the kitchen styles, you will get a better understanding of the overall look you are after for your new kitchen.

Some Kitchen Styles are

  • Modern / Contemporary
  • Traditional
  • Country / Farmhouse

What type of kitchen hardware will suit your needs?

Another aspect that comes with the design ideas is the choice of the kitchen hardware components. With kitchen hardware choices, you will discover that there is a large selection of hardware options available in the kitchen industry.

Some kitchen hardware components to consider are:

  1. Door Hinges
  2. Kitchen Drawer types and systems
  3. Specialty door mechanisms
  4. Ergonomic / Storage mechanisms
  5. Handles and knobs

There are many types of kitchen hardware components out in the market, you will find researching can become quite a chore.  The components to be used must be of reputable brands to give you peace of mind that product is engineered and tested to serve the purpose.

Be sure to ask your kitchen manufacturer or designer what hardware they intend to use and by searching for some reviews on that specific product you can make your decision.

By simply researching the hardware to include in your kitchen design, you will be able to advise the kitchen manufacturer and designer the brands, options and features that you are after in your new kitchen.

What kitchen appliances are you planning?

For your kitchen design, you will require making a selection of the appliances you are to have built-in and included with your new kitchen.

The kitchen manufacturer will need to know the actual sizes and installation requirements for the brand and type of appliance you are considering for your kitchen design and layout. This will ensure the manufacturer can construct cabinetry with the specification supplied by the appliance manufacturer to ensure it withholds its warranty conditions and to make certain the appliances work to their optimum performance and efficiency.

Be sure to select appliances that will offer value to your design as well as to your requests. Appliances like everything else come in different sizes, finishes and features so selecting the appropriate appliances will be a personal taste and meet your personal requirement.